If you are interested in taking the classes and would like a trial class, please complete the application form below or send it by email to admissions@blcuchinese.com. The trial class will last 20 minutes and will give an introduction to the program at the same time as assessing your Chinese level.

Once you have sent us the completed the form you will be contacted by Skype or Email. If you have been accepted for the trial class, we will book a time at least 2 days in advance, the teacher will prepare for your trial class in advance according to your Chinese level and goals. If you have any questions contact us at admissions@blcuchinese.com

1) Download and complete the application form:

Please download and complete the application form below so we can prepare for, and book, your trial class.

– Download Application Form – BLCU Online Chinese –

2) Send us completed application form

Please upload and send us the completed application form using the form below or upload and send to us by email at: admissions@blcuchinese.com