Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admissions criteria?

Anyone is welcome to apply for the 1 on 1 classes at BLCU. The main requirement is that you demonstrate a strong desire and commitment to improve your Chinese level. To apply please complete the form on the apply now page and a representative will contact you.

How are the classes taught?

The classes are taught by Skype or any other program that is agreed by both parties. The classes are typically just under 1 hour. Following an assessment of the student’s Chinese level and their learning goals, a proposed study plan will be sent to the student. The teacher will then teach according to these goals using Skype to practice exercises, and tailored slideshow presentations to teach the new words and explain the new grammar points.

How good is the Skype connection?

The classes can be taken on a number of VOIP programs, usually the classes are taken via Skype because it is the most widely used and the easiest to use. The internet connection coming from BLCU is a high speed connection, and the connection quality and speed is usually very good, we have over a 95% success rate of classes that don’t have any problems. However, the speed of the internet is outside of our control and depends on the internet traffic, and in some cases the call quality can be slow. In this case, we can send the content of the class to you by email, so it can be opened, and we will turn the video of the skype class off. This greatly speeds up the quality in most of the cases. If there are still any problems we will either wait, or rearrange the class, you will not be charged for class time when the skype connection is not satisfactory to take the class. We believe that skype provides very high quality connection, and is not a problem for our classes, however, we are always working on improving the quality of the classes, and , we are also open to using other programs or alternatives as requested or suggested by students.

How can I find out more?

If you have any other question you can contact us by sending us a message on this page or at

If I am in Beijing sometimes, can I take some 1 on 1 in person Chinese Classes?

Yes you can, the prices are an extra 20 RMB per hour.