The beginners Chinese Program is the same as the beginners program, but it is designed for professionals who are relocating to China to work but have no previous knowledge of Chinese. The program will cover basic Chinese to help the student to speak basic conversational Chinese when in China, communicate with co-workers. Whether the take business trips to China, are relocating for a short period, or a longer period, the program will give the student the fundamental Chinese skills to help them to succeed in China.

Mode of Classes:

The program includes 60 classes. The mode is two 2-hour classes each week, or four 1-hour classes each week, depending on the requirements of the student.

Time Period:

The time period is approximately 4 months.

Learning Result:

After taking the program students will be able to use listen and write using Pinyin, be able to understand the structure of Chinese characters. The most commonly used vocabulary for daily life, learning, be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and sentences to meet specific needs. Will introduce themselves and introduce others and be able to ask everyday questions and be able to answer them. After taking this course students will know approximately 300 of the most common Chinese characters, and will be at HSK level 2.

Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee is:
– 7,200 RMB
– $1,240 USD
– £785 GBP
Students can pay by Paypal in USD, GBP, Euros, or AUD, or by direct bank transfer in Chinese RMB.


One of the main advantages of this program is that it is entirely flexible and can fit around your schedule. You can choose exactly when to take the classes, and you can use smartphone, laptop, or tablet. You can take the classes less frequently, over a longer period, or more frequently over a shorter period. The classes can also be tailored to your specific needs depending on your learning goals.

Learning Method:

The learning method is 1 on 1 Classes from a BLCU teacher. The classes will be using skype video’s and a combination of slideshows to explain key points and fun exercises.

Learning Material:

The Chinese material will be sent to you by email before each lesson. Students can also purchase the textbook to practice in their own time outside of classes. The book is: Conversational Chinese 301 which is one of the most popular books for learning Chinese for beginners, published by BLCU Press. This can be bought on amazon or we can help to send it to you.

About BLCU

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was founded in 1962 and is the No.1 University for teaching Chinese to foreigners in China. Its main task is to teach the Chinese language and culture to foreign students.


After taking the programs students will receive a Chinese learning certificate from Beijing Language and Culture University.

Registration Process:

To apply please click the Apply Now button below and complete and send the application form to us online or to admissions@blcuchinese.com. Then pay the tuition fee for 60 classes in your chosen currency.

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